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The World of Random Atoms

The World of Random Atoms
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The World of Random Atoms is a place to find Fantastic Drawings, and Illustrations, Created by Marcia Vincia Lynch.  She has been Illustrating for Several Years and has learned to use a multitude of tools to create her Art.  She is most talented in the area of Illustration.  Most of the illustrations are conceived on paper in pen or pencil on anything that has space for a small sketch, then worked to a finished sketch preferably in pen on art paper.  She uses this pen medium because if you make a mistake you either start over or incorporate it into a new distinctive piece.  She sometimes creates a whole new look and feel for a new series.

Another favorite medium of hers is Acrylic.  She uses it as if it were watercolor and it has become as natural as using a pencil or pen.  She has created sculptures derived from her story lines and her Art.  Her Use of the computer as an illustrative medium complements her talents.  Check Out Her Web Site, Browse the Artist Sketchbook, Use her graphic Design Illustration Abilities to bring your visions to life in the form of Posters, Book Covers, Logos, CD Covers, Illustrations, and Commissioned art.  Immerse yourself in Biro Art.  As a Client you will be listed free for the life of your business.

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